Wednesday, March 14, 2007

In Defense Of Unicorns

Perhaps we shouldn't be so quick to say something isn't real.
Meinhart the (now) Non-Denominational argues:

To me the article regarding the “Unicorn Defense” represents the annoying tendency of our society to smile and wink knowingly while knowing nothing at all!!! Are we really so arrogant as to believe simply because our “modern” science has yet to “discover” and “describe” a creature that the creature does not exist?

The history of human/unicorn interaction is well documented. There is ample evidence in texts dating back to the middle ages and in numerous books popular with awkward, pasty young boys. Also, accounts in the oral traditions of native North Americans unmistakably indicate a familiarity with creatures such as the unicorn. The Cree even have a name for the animal; Pasco Wenatchee Omak Okanogan Tonasket Kennewick Multnomah Chehalis Walla Walla Yakima Pasco Osooyis hah! Which, roughly translated, means: “Man, that Ren and Stimpy sure are funny… Holy Great Spirit! Dude, did we finish off all that peyote? Hey, what’s that in the bushes?!?!”
Obviously it is time for some people to wipe off the smug smirk and open their eyes to reality.