Friday, September 7, 2007

Network Self Promotion During Sporting Events

Once every few days I see something on network television that makes me understand why cable TV is kicking network TV's ass. Here's one. Last night I watched a bit of the opening NFL game on NBC. I watched about one quarter of the game. During that time I was subjected to about seven of the same spots promoting a new show on NBC called "CHUCK"
I was in a bar and the sound was off, so all I know is that the show is about some guy who works in a Staples kind of store, and there's a girl who is a secret agent or something. But all I really need to know is that I'm glad I didn't watch the whole game because I would have been forced to watch twenty or thirty promos for this friggin' show.
That's too many.

I know they do research on this kind of stuff, and it probably works - but they also do research on how to best pull somebody's tooth.
I can tell you with certainty - when I watch a promo for the tenth time, this is what I am NOT thinking," Wow, that show didn't look so good at commercial three, but now I am compelled to mark it on my calendar!"
What I AM thinking is, "F**K! It's another commercial for CH**K!"

This "promotion fatigue" is most apparent if you are a poor soul who watches a six or seven game baseball playoff. By game seven, you've seen the same spot for the same dopey show fifty times. I don't want to see ANYTHING fifty times.
So please back off a bit, I mean ... oh, sorry, it's almost 8 o'clock, and my favorite show is about to start. It's on HBO.