Friday, March 7, 2008

SNL - So Not Cool?

I've gone on record here several times in my support of Barack Obama. I think he's smart, positive, inspiring, and more than capable of handling the job. He has been a real force with young voters especially. For fans like myself, the Clinton night in Texas and Ohio was depressing to say the least.

I'm starting to hear a little chatter that the whole thing turned after the airing of Saturday Night Live's Obama Hillary sketch that mocked the media's adoration of Obama. I finally saw the bit, and it wasn't even that funny. He had been receiving good press, no doubt. The Clinton camp jumped on the idea, went on the attack, played the fear card, and gained from it.

These things take on a life of their own and are often hard to control. But if history records that SNL's sketch triggered some kind of turn in opposition to so many young Obama supporters, we may see in our lifetimes, the evolution of SNL from must-see coolest thing on late-night, to sort of not funny any more, to, for lack of a better term, totally squaresville, man!