Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Random Super Tuesday Thoughts

Romney is a successful businessman. That alone makes him more qualified than GWB.

Huckabee would be an extending of Bush, and I can’t take four more years of people suggesting there’s no such thing as evolution. But I like that flat tax!

Edwards won’t endorse until it’s a done deal out of fear to offend. Wants a nice position in a potential new administration.

Sorta sad that the Republican core viciously attacks McCain for saying things like water boarding is torture, and there might be such a thing as global warming. These people would eat their young!

Giuliani. Can be studied by campaign experts as anatomy of a disaster. Why would a candidate give up on Iowa and New Hampshire? That’s where you get momentum!

Ron Paul. Not a slave to focus groups – so that sumbitch can tell it like it is! Don’t label him a whacko. He says what a lot of people think.

Hillary would make a qualified and competent president.

But Obama’s got the magic.
After an eight year ordeal with Bush, if the Democrats don’t recognize the reincarnation of JFK standing in front of them, the missed opportunity could be profound.