Wednesday, August 12, 2009

GOP Comeback! A How-To Guide In 12 Easy Steps.

1) Lose the anger and resentment. Talk politics without getting a nosebleed.

2) Restore the GOP as an intelligent movement. Joe six-packs with common sense don’t always make great leaders. It’s okay to aim higher.

3) Have faith and be spiritual, but don’t ever use religion as a weapon against people you disagree with.

4) Restore good sense, responsible spending, and the reward of hard work as the primary party message – not morality narratives.

5) Stop suggesting that anyone who opposes you isn’t patriotic or doesn’t believe in God.

6) Appeal to young people.

7) Accept that America is a constantly morphing cultural mixing pot. Don’t lose your noodle just because there are a couple of Puerto Rican kids on Sesame Street.

8) More William F. Buckleys and George Wills - people who can sway you with ideas. Less cable news circus clowns.

9) Stop blaming the media for all your problems. If you can’t figure out how to deal with the press, get out of politics.

10) Win elections by bringing people together, not driving them apart.

11) Acknowledge that the scientific theory of evolution makes at least a little bit of sense.

12) Don’t ever carry a sign that reads: God hates fags.