Wednesday, November 5, 2008

John McCain Wins The Night Too

After last night's election and it's stunning historical meaning, I found myself thinking a lot about John McCain and his remarkable concession speech. As the old hostility swelled from the booing crowd, he pushed them back and spoke eloquently of the history at hand. It was the old McCain I always admired. In many ways he is better than his own supporters who have more of a thirst for blood than him.
Unfortunately, in the final weeks of the campaign he was sucked into their world of cynicism that never defined him.

As he spoke, he seemed like the werewolf who, when struck by the silver bullet, transforms back into the human being he once was.
And how refreshing that Sarah Palin, who stood nearby, was not permitted to speak - and taint him no longer.
It made me wish (again) that McCain had defeated George W. Bush in 2000. And I can only be left to imagine how much better off we would have been.