Thursday, October 30, 2008

Sexy Comfortable Shoe Sale

Sorry, ladies. I know. It's a mean trick (I had to get you here somehow!)

So here goes. If you're American, vote for Barack Obama on Tuesday.

He believes in ONE United States - not two sides that are at war with each other.

He is cool headed and has the right temperament for the job.

If he runs the country the way he has run his campaign, we're in for better times.

If elected, the positive effect he has on the brand of America will be dramatic. You can send a thousand armies around the world and not gain that kind of good will.
It makes the Declaration of Independence - our best testament to freedom and equality for all - truer than it already is.
We are a great country. Make history.

(As you can see from the above, I'm a bit of an idealist. So don't give up searching for those affordable comfortable sexy shoes. Because 'Yes you can!')