Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Bristol Palin

Is it fair to a pregnant 17 year old going through an intensely personal family experience to shine such a media spotlight on her? No. Is she fair game in the middle of a heated election year? Unfortunately, yes. And the GOP can thank Karl Rove because it's right out of his playbook.
This kind of thing can happen to any family regardless of status or politics. The stroke of misfortune is that for the past ten years the Republican party has been presenting itself as the party of morality and family values and using it as a bludgeon against their enemies. They have been talking down to Democrats suggesting that the entire party is immoral, Godless, and lacking in family values. None of this is true. But now that the teen pregnancy scenario is not working entirely in their favor, they're claiming "personal private issue". This is a great hypocrisy. The Republicans will blame the media as usual, but what would Rush Limbaugh have done if it were Chelsea Clinton ten years ago?