Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Yee Mee Loo

In Chinatown Los Angeles - this is the only photo I've been able to find, taken sometime in the 40's, of one of L.A.'s great lost bars. Yee Mee Loo was closed in the early 90's and torn town for a mini mall that to this day is only partially occupied.
Stepping into the place was like going back in time. The small jukebox on the wall played mostly 40's music, and it felt like you were in some tiny bar on Okinawa during WWII. The elaborately carved back bar was a work of art, and I've heard it was bought by a Chinese restaurant out in Montrose, CA.
It was the kind of dark little watering hole where whoever you were having a drink with might confess something they never told you before. Then you could go next door and eat some ribs and shrimp toast. A real lost treasure.