Friday, June 20, 2008

Gas Crisis Simplified

Every night on the local news there's a meaningless "Pain At The Pump! story about what to do about high fuel prices - friendly tips kind of stuff. Like, shop around for a gas station that charges a few cents less per gallon. Or, roll up your windows to prevent less friendly aerodynamics. Or, your fuel gauge is sometimes inaccurate (I actually heard this on the news, but I can't figure out how that helps you save money on gas).
There's also a push to attend local attractions this summer, because, you know, the food at Claimjumper down the road is the same as the Claimjumper 200 miles away (True).

Of course none of these address the long term problem of rising fuel costs, and the price of gas will not come down. It will only go up.

The answer is simple: if you drive a car, drive one that gets really good gas mileage. It's a No Brainer.
The days of "11 City - 16 Highway" are OVER.
If you drive a Toyota Prius, gas will have to reach 7 bucks a gallon before you start to feel the sting a lot of people are feeling now.
And this whole idea of car as status symbol - Get Rid Of It!
Big Hot Car + Driver = No change in size of sex organs.
Just get to where you're going without hemorrhaging money.