Wednesday, October 24, 2007

California And Fire

A couple of months ago the Hollywood Hills burst into flame near the Griffith Observatory. Firefighters successfully knocked down the flames without a lot of damage to homes. Over the last week helicopters have been painting the hillsides with hydroseed to encourage growth and prevent mudslides when the rains finally arrive.
The photo below shows the surreal nature of the hills, and makes the landscape appear like a Christo-like art installation.

Of course right on the heals of this hillside repair come the wildfires that are now devastating much of Southern California. A strange golden hue has settled over the Los Angeles basin, and San Diego is suffering intense damage. This photo below by Genaro Molina of the Los Angeles Times captures the conditions all over the region.

While most of the country cools and the chill of autumn paints the trees gold and amber, Southern California heats up from Santa Ana wind conditions, turns brown, and starts to burn.