Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Children Of Men

Finally saw Mexican director Alfonso Cuaron's excellent film Children Of Men - a harrowing look at the future based on much of what's happening today. The film's visceral depiction of a world of violence, terror, and frightening politics is all too familiar.
The film is both compelling and disturbing at the same time. Several of the it's images are pulled directly from the graphic images we saw coming out of the prison at Abu Ghraib - huddled masses of nude prisoners, bags on heads, etc.
I find it profoundly disturbing as an American now to watch a film that depicts a world gone haywire by reenacting the violence and degradation that really occurred at the hands of my countrymen. America's move toward torture and abuse, and the lies about it, is disgraceful. It betrays everything we stand for. It doesn't represent the America I grew up in, and I hope to see our reputation restored. I hope to watch Children Of Men someday, and think, "Yes, that's a reality of the past, not of the future." I'm worried, and not so sure.